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suggestive173393 alternate version69332 artist:king-kakapo1291 fluttershy238589 rarity203422 twilight sparkle333375 human204394 ass69981 bathing1103 breasts344297 bucket2932 busty fluttershy21019 busty rarity15701 busty twilight sparkle14566 butt180224 casual nudity9128 commission97066 female1606654 flutterbutt6851 humanized110364 nudity453470 open mouth198428 rear view18236 rearity6101 sideboob12667 smiling332321 trio17778 trio female3803 twibutt7471 waterfall shower99 wet9974 wet hair934


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Background Pony #580E
Friendly reminder that gazing on bathing goddesses does not end well for the peepers.
Background Pony #3B15
Mixed onsens have been making a comeback after the Meiji era’s prudish western sensibilities suppressed them.
Though there’s still a stigma about tattoos. Rarity might be banned for having a purple diamond on her ankle.
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💙Glass Sight's Chocopon💙
Wow, this human Twilight is so short!
Maybe this pic is from before she became a Level 1 princess, with the main difference being the height!