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A little bonus drawing today!! I did my favourite ponies designs form the series, aaa i love them!, what are your favourite deisgns from the series??

Toola Roola and Coconut Cream: I love them! Their colour palette it's sooo good! And my nostalgia it's way too big with them quq, Toola Roola was one of my favourites from G3 (besides Minty and Star Catcher).

Clear Sky: This is my favourite background design, everything it's so soft and pastel!!

Inky Rose:This design is so beautiful! It's actually pretty detailed O:

Princess Luna (early) and Princess Cadance: FAV FOREVER, don't get me wrong, i love Luna's actual design, but her early version was a dream came true, and Cadance is my aesthetic hehehe.
safe1573161 artist:bunnari73 clear sky373 coconut cream216 inky rose450 princess cadance30406 princess luna93887 toola roola705 alicorn194812 earth pony198214 pegasus238913 pony844054 unicorn265392 bust40556 crying40107 eye contact6149 female897269 filly59416 gradient background10815 heart43092 looking at each other16304 mare414578 portrait28522 smiling214453 unshorn fetlocks22139


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