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Cuteamena is hungry, and for your luck, you´re the closest to her. Turns out cuteamena´s belly is bigger on the inside, it just does not end!
suggestive129637 artist:prismawatercolor60 derpibooru exclusive24450 oc608906 oc:cuteamena132 earth pony205707 pony856415 bow24874 cartoon physics551 comic101397 commission54940 drool22593 drool string5120 endosoma571 esophagus259 grayscale35225 gullet259 hair bow13650 hammerspace95 inside stomach110 internal3822 mawshot1307 monochrome142946 offscreen character30157 open mouth125263 pov12661 rugae25 salivating1102 slimy255 squishy2239 uvula1654 vore13345


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