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Treehugger took a rip from her bong and smoothly blew it out. Then she spat on the floor. Fluttershy watched this with concealed rage.

“Hugger, sweetie?” Fluttershy asked with a calm polite tone. “Stop spitting on the floor, please.” Fluttershy grinned, it looked so forced. Treehugger hacked and spit on the floor again. Fluttershy frowned and approached her wife. She leaned into Hugger’s ear and whispered. “Please stop.” Treehugger huffed with amusement.

“Make me.” She scowled at the yellow pegasus and took another hit. Fluttershy grit her teeth and one quick move, wing-slapped the bong out of huggers magical hold. It hit the floor but didn’t break. Treehugger’s anger turned to smug and she picked the bong up off the floor. It shattered in her hooves.

“What the flying feather is your problem?!” Treehugger threw her hooves up in frustration.

“You are spitting on the floor, what’s your problem?!” Fluttershy’s shy demeanor slowly melted away.

“You were gonna mop anyway!” Treehugger yelled as she maneuvered around the glass to the safer portion of floor.

“Just because I’m going to clean does not mean you can make more messes!” Fluttershy argued back. Tears pricked at her eyes and she let out a small sob.

“Oh there it goes!” Treehugger groaned in annoyance. “Yeah, cry, talk to me when you calm the flip down. Peace.” She walked around the mess and left out the backdoor of the house and into the garden. Fluttershy sobbed alone in the living room. She kicked the mop stick leaning on the wall and knocked the mop bucket over, crying more as she added to the mess. Still, her worst nightmare had yet to occur.

More Notes:
-Treehugger often leaves messes around the house, much to Shy’s ire.
-Despite being full of holes, Shy will still wear her clothes. Going about naked feels unpleasant.
-Hugger will sometimes take something from a pill bottle, Shy willfully ignores this.
-Fluttershy is very emotional and will often cry during fights. Hugger finds this extremely annoying.

Curse Effects:

Fluttershy, former Element of Kindness, always had the potential for cruelty and deception. The curse has lead her down the path of what she thinks is ‘assertiveness’, when in reality she is controlling and critical. She doesn’t think of how her behavior can effect those around her, causing discord in the home.

Treehugger hates reality, she hates her life. Every soul-crushing morning is a slap in the face, so she smokes weed. She’s always high or impaired in some way, sobriety causes anxiety.


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