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So I did this adorable sketch cover for a commission with Scootaloo and Mr. and Mrs. Cake. I figure they'd surprise her with a cake for what we can only imagine. ;)
safe1576187 artist:marybellamy76 carrot cake2027 cup cake3747 scootaloo49190 earth pony199287 pegasus239814 pony846236 cake8884 commission52064 cover2749 cupcake4904 cute177522 cutealoo2572 ear piercing21662 earring17982 female899834 filly59557 food60870 hat76666 jewelry50979 male305732 mare415805 marker drawing810 piercing34918 scootalove1645 smiling215124 stallion92814 surprised8062 traditional art109336 trio7301 zorilita13


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