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Originally posted on: April 3 2020
i did it

my hands are bleeding
safe1572645 artist:chocorottish1 twilight sparkle282263 alicorn194686 anthro229546 cat5301 dog8560 pony843634 raccoon455 wolf1384 six fanarts768 animal crossing569 anthro with ponies2242 audie2 bag3427 beastars97 bolt86 chest fluff32319 clothes408018 collar28661 crossover56996 fangs22079 female896796 horn42817 legosi (beastars)58 looking up14060 male304674 mare414341 money1188 money bag81 necktie6198 oliver10 oliver and company20 sharp teeth3200 smiling214343 sunglasses12944 teeth7772 tom nook24 tongue out90229 twilight sparkle (alicorn)114978 wings75441


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