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Artist's description:
Kiss kiss!

#Fluttershy #Rarity #mlp
safe1577433 artist:melliedraws88 fluttershy198033 rarity169879 anthro230835 pegasus240249 unicorn266941 alternate hairstyle24528 blushing176104 breasts240172 cleavage30789 clothes409734 cute177841 eyes closed80359 eyeshadow13089 female900785 flarity1462 happy27687 heart43221 holding hands2333 kiss mark962 kiss on the cheek1491 kissing22471 lesbian92278 lipstick9589 makeup17696 mare416290 mole264 open mouth123374 pink background2270 ponytail15638 raribetes4621 shipping184225 shyabetes11477 simple background346256 tanktop6748


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