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safe1578905 artist:d3pressedr4inbow17 discord28734 twilight sparkle283189 alicorn195909 draconequus9059 pony848297 annoyed5073 colored sketch2543 discolight348 female901966 holding a pony2561 kissing22486 male306446 mare416888 shipping184408 shrug1317 simple background346695 sketch58996 sketch dump3006 straight121954 tsundere2623 tsunlight sparkle40 twilight is not amused1214 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115427 unamused13803 white background87390


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2 comments posted

There's few better shipping Dynamics than "small and furious" and "tall and oblivious"

I love how you draw these two. I'm totally ignorant when to art, so expressing why I love it is hard, but nonetheless. Maybe it's just how flexible Discord looks? You draw him real bendy, as any good noodle should be