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Rainbow Dash dares Pinkie Pie to throw the most boring party ever
safe1577927 artist:heir-of-rick1455 pinkie pie203479 earth pony199912 pony847638 balloon9609 boring27 bowtie8607 cardboard cutout231 confetti1718 cupcake4905 dialogue60692 female901253 food61002 hidden cane87 hoof hold7355 mare416577 muffin6173 no pupils3487 party1712 pinkamena diane pie18258 raised hoof39384 solo974707 speech bubble20594 standing10193 straight hair189 straight mane78


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Midday Sun

Maud then has a moment of insanity, practically grabbing her sister by her neck and violently shook her. "Pinkie, for the love of Celestia, THROW A FUCKING PIE OR SOMETHING!!"
Background Pony #59C3
And no cider. The flavour and sugar leads to excitement. We have water. Room temperature. Because hot and cold also lead to excitement.