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Comfort ships because i needed to get it out of my system and they make me happy TvT this is my personal Au which is why they all look different~ and pinkie is a version of herself where she never lost discords power when she came out of his dimension from the mlp comics. so shes basically the princess of chaos in my Au :p
anyways… i feel fueled enough so now i gotta go study shit :D
safe1579097 artist:snowballflo22 pinkie pie203583 princess skystar1792 draconequus9061 hippogriff8341 pony848406 my little pony: the movie17917 cutie mark40864 draconequified321 duo49560 eyes closed80512 female902104 flying34407 heart43264 laughing7127 lesbian92338 lying down9530 pale belly639 pinkonequus25 shipping184418 simple background346742 skypie161 species swap18386 spread wings47974 tongue out90835 white background87401 wings76655


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