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Artist Desc  
I’m retired.
Every once in a while I just want to draw her. She’s my favorite after all.
safe1899466 artist:johnjoseco4496 princess celestia102348 alicorn260701 pony1246996 4k2557 beautiful6491 bedroom eyes68816 best princess131 blushing227564 crown22811 ethereal mane10045 eyeshadow20609 female1536415 flowing mane2614 folded wings10837 gradient background15991 high res78775 hoof shoes7002 jewelry83973 looking at you203529 lying down28449 makeup28336 mare578007 multicolored mane2774 multicolored tail2027 open mouth183579 open smile11821 peytral4518 prone29433 regalia26990 signature32641 smiling309214 smiling at you11421 solo1210719 sparkles5907 wallpaper19633 wingding eyes28178


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Background Pony #4BAF
She’s absolutely stunning, just as always. Thank you, jj, for this amazing piece of art!
546 Horsepower
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Yes, I like cars.
Wait, so this means Jon will stop making pony content?  
He was an OG in the fanart division of the fandom and it’ll be a shame to see him go like many other once mighty names.