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Extra soggy cookies tonight! Wait, what’re they talkin’ about over there?


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safe1585327 artist:flash equestria photography516 oc608226 oc:brann flakes252 oc:cherry razzb16 oc:cookie dough448 oc:firecracker spark17 oc:milky way2087 oc:sera tonin21 earth pony205386 pegasus246872 pony855525 unicorn273355 milkmare of trottingham134 ask24129 bikini16383 clothes414238 comic101334 one-piece swimsuit3965 ponyloaf324 swimming pool2417 swimsuit25642 tumblr34633


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #89C5
It just dawned on me that they're in a splash fight with a Milk Mare

She could outsplash them easily… Right?
Background Pony #B3F5
You know it would be interesting to see Milky’s coming out story.

How did she come to realize she liked both Stallions and Mares.
Background Pony #B3F5
Why are they wearing swim suits? They can just swim naked like they do everything else.

They don’t normally wear swim suits. Or clothes.