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for foxchild and gideon yay! Sadly, the fluorescent orange highlights on Gideon's TRON pony didn't scan :(
safe1573147 artist:kabukihomewood74 derpy hooves48211 oc603702 earth pony198212 human141846 pegasus238911 pony844040 abs9170 armpits41442 badge1037 clothes408240 con badge263 crossover57018 eyes closed80022 female897278 flying34274 gray background6104 humans riding ponies598 male304842 mare414576 nipples142848 nudity333089 open mouth122794 pants12200 partial nudity16859 riding5114 shoes30238 simple background344760 smiling214443 topless10995 traditional art109031 tron213


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