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safe1576131 artist:xeviousgreenii119 derpy hooves48249 doctor whooves10088 flash sentry12101 night light2006 ocellus4490 prince blueblood3840 princess cadance30467 princess ember5805 queen chrysalis32321 shining armor21778 spike74867 thorax3986 time turner10073 twilight sparkle282817 twilight velvet3835 oc605345 alicorn195433 bat pony43470 changedling7266 changeling40135 dragon48209 earth pony199267 pegasus239802 pony846196 unicorn266450 series:five things you didn't know27 alternate universe9274 armor21663 blushing175977 book30660 brother and sister3552 casket72 clothes409310 comic101499 corpse734 couch7093 cringing247 death5051 dress39561 eyes closed80248 female899798 flashlight2561 funeral200 gay25262 glowing horn16673 hat76666 helmet9956 horn43381 implied shipping4372 implied straight5130 infidelity5340 jealous1144 king thorax2601 levitation10549 magic65897 male305724 mare415777 necktie6223 one eye closed25230 open mouth123207 purified chrysalis144 raised hoof39301 sad22735 salute956 shining armor is a goddamn moron134 shining chrysalis367 shiningcadance2402 shiningsentry94 shipping184105 shirt21271 siblings6027 spear2221 stallion92811 straight121739 suit5118 sunglasses12988 telekinesis24722 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115252 unshorn fetlocks22200 wall of tags2314 weapon27239 wedding dress1571 winged spike7142


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10 comments posted

Nice art style!

I always did wonder what a pairing between Shining Armor and Chrysalis would be like. In the Mirror arc from the comics Cadence looks abusive, if I recall. Since it is an alternate universe, there is a chance Shining Armor would prefer someone else. Just because she is the Princess of Love does not make her a fair leader based on what can be seen. Love can sometimes be a lie to hold someone under your control. I have forgotten details and theories on the subject. 😄

Shining likes the dragon booty, I‘M pretty sure Cadence would happily set something up… for diplomatic purposes of course