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Another Wii Party Pair Game I decided to make, but with MLP Characters instead. This is the Best Pair version. The Worst Pair version will coming on May 31st. The frst five are the most pairs in my opinion, while the the other five are the least most pairs. There are also words describing the two ponies below their names, as well as points that goes with it.

Stellar Flare and Firelight makes the most "best" pair, being described as Good Buddies with 70 points, while Party Favor and Rarity makes the least "best" pair, being described as Comrades with 48 points.
safe1576572 edit117770 edited screencap56132 editor:jaredking203126 screencap199508 applejack158927 big macintosh26879 braeburn6105 cheese sandwich3617 firelight344 fluttershy197902 moondancer4433 night light2005 party favor1428 pinkie pie203345 rainbow dash219484 rarity169805 shining armor21779 starlight glimmer43913 stellar flare992 sugar belle2659 sunburst5827 trixie62191 twilight sparkle282882 twilight velvet3834 alicorn195510 earth pony199416 pegasus239924 pony846534 unicorn266609 female900117 male305823 mare415971 stallion92857 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115286


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