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safe1919699 artist:oofycolorful705 aria blaze10875 starlight glimmer54043 trixie73334 pony1267210 unicorn420471 semi-anthro18342 alternate hairstyle32453 babysitter trixie620 cellphone5539 clothes540378 controller2702 cute228417 diatrixes3530 equestria girls ponified4689 gameloft5351 gameloft interpretation366 heart58306 hoodie17198 hug32561 joystick251 magic83739 oversized clothes380 oversized shirt109 phone9271 pigtails5448 ponified45392 purple background4237 shirt30994 simple background480798 stars19111 telekinesis32798 twintails1948


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Also, Trixie would probably be the worst babysitter, in that she’d most likely want to join in whatever nutty schemes the kids were up to. In which case, I guess the kids would consider her the best babysitter.
Dammit, now I want to see a comic about babysitter Trixie looking after filly Starlight and colt Sunburst.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
why is pony aria blaze so similar to starlight
Hmm…here’s an epileptic tree for ya:
Perhaps Glimmy’s lineage is actually part-siren on her mother’s side (and the similarity is a case of genetic throwback)? ;D