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When Momma Galaxia and Papa Speedy Hooves are busy with work and ruling a kingdom, it was a blessing for the small child to have grandparents like Earthing Elements and Aerial Agriculture to stay with and be a child in the busiest of times. High up atop the mountains above Canterlot Castle hidden in a nestle below the snowtops where a clear small lake and green pasture rested, lied the grand alicorns abode. A small and down to earth place not of the pristine and prestige one would expect royalty to have. Though father and mother to many on of the royal family (this not including: Motherly Morning, Queen Galaxia, Mythic Majestic, and King Speedy Hooves) they do not seek any further gain by such relationship, rather retaining an advisory role to their "children" and adoptive "grandchild" of course. Being all the more happy for the little boy to journey to his grandma's and grandpa's house along the carefully carved secret route through the small calm trail that is lead by magical lamps that guide him to his grandparents. A sanctuary from the bustling crazy and hectic chaos of the life in the palace.
safe1576139 artist:cactuscowboydan93 bow hothoof915 cloudy quartz1221 gentle breeze296 igneous rock pie819 night light2006 posey shy1035 twilight velvet3835 windy whistles1849 oc605346 oc:aerial agriculture44 oc:earthing elements47 oc:tommy the human367 alicorn195437 earth pony199269 human142174 pegasus239803 pony846199 unicorn266452 alicorn oc22036 butt27553 clothes409312 commissioner:bigonionbean1378 cup5525 extra thicc645 female899802 flank1168 forest8803 fusion4445 fusion:aerial agriculture45 fusion:earthing elements46 glasses54963 grandfather and grandchild78 grandfather and grandson21 grandmother and grandchild203 grandmother and grandson42 grandparents and grandchildren7 hair bun2864 hat76666 horn43381 human oc377 husband and wife1215 juice1177 lemonade174 magic65897 male305724 necktie6224 nuzzling3748 petting1674 plot71228 rocking chair92 squishy cheeks2088 straw1723 thicc ass776 thought bubble3003 wings76154 writer:bigonionbean1130


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