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So Lil has never been a strong flyer, but she still had her lessons! She was sure she would be able to do it on her own but Fluttershy was always there to give her a boost. Big Macintosh could only sit and watch, praying to Celestia that his tiny daughter wouldn't fall right out of the sky. He was secretly relived when she decided to stay on the ground instead.
safe1577463 artist:bewarethemusicman132 big macintosh26882 fluttershy198038 oc606064 oc:little darlin'4 pony847209 crying40213 family4021 female900802 fluttermac2651 flying34373 flying lesson148 liquid pride176 male306071 offspring34487 parent:big macintosh2678 parent:fluttershy4050 parents:fluttermac1085 shipping184228 simple background346265 straight121839 teary eyes3304 white background87290


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