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We Will Be Adored, Part 3, Page 2
Now with 80% more consent! :)
(Seriously though, this one doesn't have the "dubious consent" element that part 2 had, if that bothered you.)

1 >>2355560
2 >> Here!
3 >>2359961
4 >>2362864
5 >>2369751
6 >>2379463

Bonus panels?
>>2354531 Smol'n'Tol
>> Coming soon?

Yes, I lifted the "sea, song, and savage majesty" bit from >>1670911 by mustlovefrogs. It was just too good.

I feel as if this page should have more tags, but I honestly can't think of any more. I'm sure somepony will fill in any I have missed.
[Edit] Well, looks like I missed a bunch, but I can always count on Derpibooru users to tag the heck out of anything I forgot. :D
suggestive127951 artist:stellarator311 adagio dazzle11970 aria blaze9219 sonata dusk12600 oc604610 oc:smoothie26 anthro230227 unguligrade anthro42926 comic:we will be adored24 comic:we will be adored part 313 3d62578 bedroom eyes51464 blender4764 breasts239505 canon x oc22004 clothes408849 comic101422 cycles502 disguise3967 disguised siren448 gem5390 holding hands2324 imminent sex5159 jeans3320 lidded eyes25635 looking at each other16359 looking at you143749 not sfm504 pants12240 pants down814 siren gem1622 skirt35623 smoonata16 tanktop6734 the dazzlings4046 undressing4647 vulgar19592


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