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safe1573798 artist:partylikeanartist284 oc604012 oc:indigo wire46 pony844501 unicorn265600 absurd resolution63929 birthday2314 bow24181 clothes408456 clown648 clown makeup112 clown nose266 clowncore1 costume24668 gradient hooves526 hat76506 looking at you143573 party hat2076 ponytail15591 ribbon6421 simple background345049 solo971949 tongue out90358 transparent background179358 wingding eyes19123 winking at you267


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Background Pony #4000
This picture is adorable. This is one of the rare clown pics that actually looks like it belongs to a party, instead of a horror movie. For some reason, despite clowns are supposed to induce laughter, I think this is one of the few times I agree.

Nice work; thanks very much for drawing a non-creepy clown and hope you make more one day. 🙂
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