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safe1574201 screencap198988 applejack158745 fluttershy197638 pinkie pie203112 rainbow dash219229 rarity169599 sci-twi22036 sunset shimmer57514 twilight sparkle282514 cheer you on258 equestria girls179927 equestria girls series28413 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11678 female898162 humane five2795 humane seven2125 humane six2680 ponied up4725 scitwilicorn543 super ponied up516


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@Background Pony #1319
This is why i dont watch eqg. Dont like writer fav characters…

The reason why Sunset is in the center is because the short is about Flash so it makes sense that his crush is in the center not to mention that Sunset wasn't in the center in LoE, not even in her own special FF.
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