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Dex Stewart
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What have I accomplished? Well, I finished watching all of Battle Fever J and I've now read all of Marvel Knights Punisher.
Background Pony #4A6F
Me too, but I don't eat too much, even I got plenty of food, just for survival.
Background Pony #6977
Hasbro surely wasn't kidding when they said Pony Life would have relatable stories. I'm relating a lot with Rainbow Dash!
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Bespectacled Birbcat

i mean I try to do home workouts twice a week (leg&core day, arms) but it's hard to get motivated when all the gyms are closed

being around other people who are also working out (and having the right equipment) motivates me to push myself

bodyweight squats and lunges are so boring I can't even >_>
Background Pony #833C
Not for me. I did a lot of exercises and it comes from someone that’s not usually athletic