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November 26, 1994

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Pony Pals Productions on TF! Youth

French Anime Episodes for Season 6

Episode 001 (Season Premiere): Twivine Returns; Infiltrating the Base
Episode 002: Twivine Returns; Infiltrating The Mare in the Moon
Episode 003: Shadow Surprise No More; Surprise Joins the Mane 6's Royal Guards
Episode 004: Into the Void; Dimensions Schemensions
Episode 005: A Odd Lovely Couple; Dating With Twilight Again
Episode 006: Reviving Ro-Becca; Halloween's Tought Fright
Episode 007: Howl of the Marewolf; Twivine's Wolf Maker
Episode 008: Lily Lightly's Lady Bug; Party at Canterlot (Snowdrop's Gown Outfit)
Episode 009: Return of Spy Bon-Bon; Mystery of Chocolate Lava Mountain
Episode 010: Hendge Drendge; Nightmare on Viva's Las Pegasus
Episode 011: A Doomsday Project from Crystal Gems; Protect Angel Island
Episode 012: Starlight and Ace; Making Music to Your Heart
Episode 013: All for One, One For All; Find the Queen of Presents
Episode 014: Sombra's Revenge; Dark Magic Spreads Across Appledoon
Episode 015: Mistmane Returns; More Peace of Freedom
Episode 016: Ponyville Masquerade; Just For Kicks
Episode 017: Spiders Tangle Strings; Nightmare Moon's Sparkle Webs
Episode 018: Twivine Wants Revenge on Twilight; Fear the Deepest Dreams
Episode 019: Luna's Winter Secret; A Hotel Night to Care
Episode 020: Friendship Re-made; Honest Look-a-Like
Episode 021: One Final Stay at Element Coast Blues Resort; Snowdrop's Breathable Lungs (Snowdrop, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie's Swimming Outfit)
Episode 022: Hide and Stop; Luna's Dream Trouble
Episode 023: A Fake Conclusion; The Magic Games
Episode 024: All Hail Spike; Let the Equestria Games Begin (Snowdrop Gown Outfit)
Episode 025: Tantabus Marenapped; Luna's Dream Adventure
Episode 026 (Season Finale): Dreams are Made of Friendship and Magic; The End of Twivine Sparkle
safe1578130 artist:rose8014928 applejack159031 berry punch6101 berryshine6091 carrot cake2027 cup cake3752 fluttershy198134 pinkie pie203508 rainbow dash219698 rarity169941 tantabus438 twilight sparkle283088 oc606427 oc:primrose114 oc:snowdrop1193 alicorn195791 changeling40250 pegasus240491 pony847786 unicorn267221 clothes410006 dress39614 french805 gala dress4265 super3 tantavine sparkle1 this isn't even my final form384 twivine sparkle94


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