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Originally posted on: 27 May 2020
4 full hours of drawing these three as magic ponies for no other reason than to flex. Anyways, Roxxi is a unicorn with scary red magic, Adelaide is a bat pony (Thestra?) and Veronica is a fae changling. I’m addicted n wondering how deep teen depression had to be to keep me from drawing ponies years ago.

I’m on such a bad kick I might end up ponying the whole EW cast. (ALSO!!! Stop telling me it’s called a “reformed” changling damnit, I call them Fae Changlings and Nix Changlings deal w it)
safe1574006 alternate version33817 artist:cursed-saphire-hart6 changedling7253 changeling40045 pony844664 unicorn265679 bust40625 changedlingified105 clothes408529 collar28697 curved horn5852 eddsworld64 female898025 glowing horn16632 horn43074 mare414911 ponified38340 selfie2782 species swap18291


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