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Originally posted on: May 21 2020
There she is. At it again with her immense need for the spotlight Luna thought in her head with slight anger. She didn’t dare speak aloud Does thy not recall that we are the princess of the night? That we are to give the evening orders to MY night guard, and not the princess of the day? If my sister continues to cast a shadow upon us like this, We shall never be respected by our citizens like she is. Tis bad enough She does not act as though we are her equal, but rather someone who is lesser than her. But thy shall not dare interrupt or confront thy princess of the sun in thou canterlot voice. ponies will think I am improper and not fit to be a princess and thus won’t be respected as such “Are the orders clear?” princess Celestia asked “yes your majesty. Good night your majesty” the guards replied almost in unison such disgrace! My own guards only addressed my sister and practically forgot that I am in their presence as well. it is as though I am of no importance to them, i am the one who established a night guard. Have they forgotten who rules the night? Though my sister is to blame for such rudeness. My sister will not be better than me in every which way she can think of. We will not allow it ~ K so I had a whole mini backstory planned out for these two then decided not to post it cause I don’t rlly like making a stories for canon characters. It’s probably gonna spark drama and controversy so just have this little snippet👌 • Check out my main art account @incedius_ 💕✨ • • #MLP #Mlpfanart #mlpoc #mlpluna #mlpmanip #mlpedit #mylittlepony #mylittleponycharacter #mylittleponyoc #mylittleponyocs #princesstwilightsparkle #princessluna #mlptwilightsparkle #mlpunicorn #mlpunicornoc #mlppegasus #mlppegasusoc #mlpedits #mlpart #mlpartwork #mlpfim #mlpdrawing #mlpfandom #mlpartist #mlpcollector #mlpcollection
safe1577090 artist:aluramoon_22 princess celestia90083 princess luna94037 alicorn195592 pony846902 armor21676 female900549 glowing horn16698 helmet9960 hoof hold7351 hoof shoes4146 horn43510 indoors1863 jealous1145 jewelry51051 magic65945 male305947 mare416199 royal guard7059 s1 luna6810 show accurate11002 siblings6046 sisters7265 spear2221 stallion92900 telekinesis24747 tiara3097 weapon27246 young celestia145 young luna59 younger15716


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