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Amethyst Aria has more going on in her life than just rough, degrading sex and serial unfaithfulness. She's a young mare with a career and friends and hobbies, and sometimes she's happy to just lay down in her bed and spend the evening texting with her boyfriend. The hours roll by as she lays and talks about little things, the only light coming from her phone — and from the warm glow of happiness and love in her heart.
suggestive127843 artist:nemu majo16 oc603919 oc only409258 oc:amethyst aria41 anthro229862 unicorn265535 bed36199 breasts239174 clothes408399 female897702 females only10968 jeans3311 pants12211 phone5125 ponytail15585 texting109 the ass was fat12503 two toned mane940


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