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What if We meet her via internet in real life during quarantine
Original one
suggestive127943 artist:sumin63011381 artist:sumin6301 edits6 color edit7106 edit117548 rainbow dash219306 equestria girls180059 abs9211 belly button67487 big breasts68440 breasts239484 busty rainbow dash6998 clothes408798 colored17657 computer5591 digital art11838 female898644 human coloration4350 laptop computer2049 looking at you143731 midriff18209 simple background345389 solo972581 sports bra2635 sports panties429 surprised8046 white background87052


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Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
@Background Pony #116C
The angle means it isn't the webcam. Probably Scootaloo stalking her and taking her picture. Though, Rainbow could have accidentally started streaming at the same time. Boy, I really gotta know how that scenario plays out.
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Background Pony #116C
Triggered the webcam by mistake? This is why people with half a brain put stickers over them or get ones with a physical shutter.
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