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Commission for @DaveMan1K

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suggestive128120 artist:anthroponiessfm1162 princess celestia90059 princess luna94022 anthro230617 3d62715 bedroom eyes51562 belly button67625 big breasts68568 breasts239954 busty princess celestia9058 busty princess luna6053 cleavage30776 clothes409441 duo49426 duo female7630 female900106 females only11025 looking at you144085 roleplay in the comments45 royal sisters3882 school1603 school uniform6707 schoolgirl1819 sexy23829 shirt21272 shirt pull121 skirt35677 skirt lift4548 source filmmaker37953


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@Background Pony #B08E
As a story line would be about the royal sisters forgetting their panties in that short of a school girl outfit when they would be in danger of showing their breasts through a button up crop top. With the few believe the short skirts was to fail to cover the royal sister's back sides and their butt cheeks when a gust of wind came through an open classroom window to lift the royal sister's skirts to show their lady bits to a class when the gust died down it may have been too late when the royal sisters were wearing a pretty shade of vermillion for flashing their genitals to the class.
Background Pony #B08E

You know, those anthro school girls… uh, I mean, mares, really turn me on. But you know, do you think you can create an anthro mare in a dress doing the 'Marilyn Maneuver'? You know, just to be random.
Background Pony #B08E
While Celestia and Luna were talking, a sudden gust of wind was blowing from the open classroom window.

Celestia noticed her skirt flailing around in the wind, revealing her black see-through thong, but took pleasure of her situation and only covered the back of her skirt.

Celestia: Huh? Ooooo, this feels nice~!

Luna also noticed her own skirt flying like crazy, revealing her virgin-white G-string, but can't help but giggle while covering the front of her skirt.

Luna: (gasp) Oh my goodness~! (giggles)

After a while, the wind died down and the Royal Sisters' skirts stopped blowing up and recovered their respective choices of underwear.

Celestia (while smirking): Still a virgin, huh Lulu~?

Luna (slightly embarrassed): Well,… it's still better than a gangbang-craving slut, Tia.

Celestia: You say as though if it were a baaaad thing~!

Luna: Well, maybe just a little bit~.
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Background Pony #B08E
Sorry, but i prefer to make comments with quotes of what the Roya Sister would say, on my own, thank you!
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Background Pony #B08E
Luna: "Awww, but my breasts are much to big to do so. No offence, BIG Sis~!
Celestia: "None taken! You're all grown up, now. Any other dress code deficiencies we should know about, sir~?
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Artist -

@Anthroponiessfm every time I see something new of Aurora Starling or the Royal sisters I say to myself oh yes this is gonna be totally epic!
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