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Page 1382 — Collateral Hamage
26th May 2020, 6:00 AM

Boy, it's tough to find images of background ponies being sad on or near a train…

Anyway, we've got another session of D&D recorded! This one, uh, raised the stakes a bit.
Spudventures — The Forgotten Ones, Session 18 — Along Came a Drider: Podcast | Video

DM: With wedding invitations in hoof, do you all board the train to Canterlot, or is there anything else you want to take care of first?
Twilight Sparkle: Uhhh… Board the train where? Isn't the station in Ponyville, which we can't get to now?
DM: Oh, right. Um… There's a temporary station set up a few miles out of town. There's quite a few other ponies who escaped Ponyville that are now being picked up as refugees to Canterlot. Everypony looks a little shaken by the hours of pure chaos they experienced, and it's clear that there's more than a few loved ones here and there who are still inside the town's sealed-off limits. It's all anypony can do to keep themselves distracted with a smile on their face and the spark of friendship in their hearts.
Applejack: You been sittin' on that description for a little while, ain't ya.
Rainbow Dash: Sure, send us somewhere else, and then guilt-trip us.
DM: It's called reactive and organic world-building.
safe1575589 artist:newbiespud1289 edit117694 edited screencap56080 screencap199241 applejack158875 big macintosh26873 bon bon15641 granny smith4986 rainbow dash219384 spike74848 sweetie drops15641 twilight sparkle282729 dragon48183 earth pony199038 pegasus239639 pony845781 unicorn266231 comic:friendship is dragons1447 background pony9199 climbing304 comic101469 dialogue60564 female899372 freckles25429 hat76636 hot air balloon918 male305504 mare415511 raised hoof39292 screencap comic4173 stallion92689 train2216 unicorn twilight12903


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