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Made in the same art style I made this previous Wallflower drawing
There's so few fanart of this strange, parallel universe version of Chrissy, So I made this about two months ago, but I'm now publishing it. Hope you like it.
suggestive127951 artist:branewashpv57 queen chrysalis32301 human142009 equestria girls180076 reflections148 spoiler:comic10039 adorasexy7995 big breasts68444 boob window1056 breasts239504 chibi13131 clothes408850 cute177243 cute little fangs1716 cutealis1970 dress39525 equestria girls-ified8493 fangs22126 female898742 glasses54897 green eyes3444 high heels9357 legs6851 looking at you143748 miniskirt4755 moe1292 open mouth123021 pink dress53 pink underwear3753 reversalis234 sexy23762 shoes30285 simple background345461 skirt35623 skirt lift4546 solo972660 stupid sexy chrysalis675 thighs8222 transparent background179548 underwear55184 upskirt5383


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