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Happy Memorial Day everyone. I originally planned on doing more pictures. But it didn't go as planned. To put it simply,
Spitfire ends up taking Rainbow to a special memorial to honor some past flyers. Who were they? Rainbow doesn't know, but they both salute anyway, since it is respectful to do. Dash unaware of the single tear streaming down Spitfire's eye. Perhaps…… She knew some of these ponies. Maybe rookies who were under her wing, old mentors who taught her everything she knows. Who maybe….. Some close friends she's long since thought about, and does hard to fight back her tears.
safe1577038 artist:princebluemoon3333 rainbow dash219539 spitfire12793 pegasus240054 pony846840 clothes409622 crying40197 grayscale36261 lineart19070 memorial day13 monochrome147987 sad22736 salute957 sketch58881 tears of sadness43 teary eyes3305 traditional art109395 uniform9277 wing hands1814 wing salute5 wings76311 wonderbolts uniform5378


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