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safe1574487 artist:mrscroup142 oc604339 oc only409476 yak3827 equestria at war mod254 bridle3176 cloven hooves9042 gradient background10823 gun14574 hat76543 hearts of iron 449 map1210 reins894 rifle3396 soldier1690 solo972332 tack3738 weapon27196 yak oc24 yakyakistan137


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Background Pony #4B01
@Background Pony #DBA1
Side-mounted guns are not extremely impractical, they're just impractical for ammo conservation. Side-mounted guns have the same core issue as any other firearm, accuracy. But if you fire enough rounds down range, you'll hit the target.

Background Pony #DBA1
Just realized Jakiclan is a reference to Mordor. Also side-mounted guns are extremely impractical, it's one of the things I dislike about FE.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Economist -

Imperial Panzerfuchs
Before the Great War, the Changeling Hegenomy will of course ensure that the Olenian deer, the polar bears, the penguins and, of course, the yaks all fall as quickly as possible, and that their Reichsprotectorates will support your cause in flanking the Crystal Empire. Hail our Supreme Leader, Queen Chrysalis. ;-)

Nach Stalliongrad nur auf Ketten.