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Color edit of princebluemoon3 paper drawing >>2322429 , tags copied from there.
safe1572645 artist:princebluemoon3301 color edit7096 colorist:xbi8 edit117288 editor:xbi19 luster dawn932 princess cadance30400 smolder6578 starlight glimmer43744 twilight sparkle282266 twilight velvet3823 alicorn194692 dragon48028 pony843623 unicorn265135 the last problem4123 abstract background11808 belly24221 belly button67312 burp1652 colored17625 fat19890 fat smolder26 fire10021 fire breath506 gold920 hoof on belly178 huge belly1881 impossibly large belly9033 larder dawn7 mixed media319 morbidly obese6852 obese10201 older22957 older twilight1113 on back22386 princess decadence175 princess twilight 2.01607 prone23282 sblobder30 sitting54829 starlard glimmer166 stuffed1441 twilard sparkle1144 twilard velvet37 twilight sparkle (alicorn)114980


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