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"I gotta say, I didn't hate the idea."
safe1578202 artist:matchstickman198 apple bloom46613 diamond tiara9678 anthro231039 earth pony200003 plantigrade anthro26886 tumblr:where the apple blossoms57 abs9255 apple brawn145 biceps796 boots19241 boxing gloves894 boxing ring268 breasts240397 busty apple bloom1449 busty diamond tiara359 chibi13167 clothes410040 comic101701 deltoids176 dialogue60710 drink4357 duo49537 female901529 flexing986 mare416718 matchstickman's apple brawn series72 muscles10004 older23085 older apple bloom1623 older diamond tiara655 pecs468 poster4874 punching bag172 shirt21308 shoes30445 shorts12234 simple background346503 speech bubble20601 sports bra2714 sweat23034 table8215 tumblr comic1022 white background87364


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