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I will never consider these two the same character, unlike the rest of the EqG versions of the ponies. You can like Sci-Twi if you want, but she will never be Twilight to me.
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Background Pony #4B3F
That effectively underlines what I said.

Where the rest will have physical resemblances to their Equestrian ponies, and have similar mannerisms in movement and speech, there are subtle and none too subtle differences save just this one.

She kind of sticks out as being virtually the same to the point there's exactly two of her, which the rest cannot stake claim to. I honestly wonder what they were thinking when they designed EQG RD.
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@Background Pony #4B3F
I have a love-hate relationship with EqG RD, mainly because of how distrusting and ironically disloyal she can be sometimes if Rainbow Rocks and Summer Breakdown are anything to go by — though I feel like most of my dislike comes from the way most fanfics portray her, especially in fics based on the comic which shall not be named where she was just awful and the last to be redeemed or not even redeemed

canon EqG RD is okay but still falls under some general hypocrisy when it comes to loyalty

…although in fairness Equestrian RD does that too sometimes
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Background Pony #4B3F
The same thing goes for the others, and it would be boring if they were identical.

Equestrian AJ: Brash, direct, insultingly honest.
Human AJ: Much more tactful and considerate by default, and will get direct when it's absolutely needed.

Equestrian Fluttershy: Reserved and keeps to herself to the point of disability and takes forever to come out eventually.
Human Fluttershy: Timid around bullies and audiences in plays and so fourth, but quite outspoken in general to anyone who's nice.

Equestrian Rarity: Likes stallions and has a preference for them.
Human Rare: May be more inclined to go for women.

Equestrian Pinkie Pie: Knows no personal space and has a file for everypony about PV.
Human Pinkie: Excitable and energetic, but less inclined to breathe directly into your face, even if she can pry. Shown to have more intuition than extensively researching people for the hell or it.

Rainbow Dash? I got nothing here.

Principal, vice principal and dean's actions don't cover as wide a scope as their impact is primarily on academics, and all else is ultimately the students' individual decisions. They don't pass laws or anything like people in national office that have more immediate nationwide and global results.

Spike: servant and son vs pet and roommate.

One has to wonder what CMC stands for in a symbolless world. Whatever symbols there are are tattoos and embroidery. And we never see very much of them to begin with, they have such little screen time, negligible.

None of them are identical to one another save RD possibly.
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They're very much not supposed to be portrayed as the same character. They have similar tendencies and interests, but the commonalities kinda end there. EqG made a huge point to prove Human Twilight is a completely different character than Princess Twilight, and that she isn't even much like how Princess Twi used to be in the first episode or as a filly. Neither of them had friends growing up, but Pony Twilight consciously rejected the prospect of having friends despite having the opportunity to make them, whereas Human Twilight likely wouldn't have been able to make friends at school even if she wanted them.

There are heaps of differences, but I don't really wanna go on a tangent. Everyone is pretty much on board with them being different characters, and I haven't really seen anybody say they're the same character since they're never portrayed that way.
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Background Pony #05E0
I agree, but Sci-Twi is cuter because she is wearing glasses & she is a little Unicorn.
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