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safe1576572 edit117770 screencap199508 princess celestia90059 princess luna94022 rarity169805 spike74878 twilight sparkle282882 alicorn195510 dragon48222 pony846533 spider1602 unicorn266609 equestria girls180356 equestria girls (movie)6360 the last problem4148 animated92044 big crown thingy2182 clothes409446 coronation76 coronation dress563 crown13995 crying40189 dress39568 element of magic1892 epic fail248 fail1317 jewelry51008 mirror4687 regalia16325 second coronation dress153 sound6725 spider web607 tears of joy2146 tripping283 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115286 webm10063 wiping tears14


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Background Pony #9118
Yeah, it was funny the first time you watched it, Lance Fire-Heart.
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