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tempest shadow finds it hard to believe when princess twilight sparkle gives her the overwhelming task of looking after the former 'villian' cozy glow. the first few days are rough, with tempest not really knowing how to go about reforming someone, especially the strong-willed and especially angry cozy.

slowly, tempest begins to recognise the pain cozy is feeling. with each lash out, with each burst of rage- tempest sees the sadness behind it. she remembers how badly she felt when she was going through the same situation and so she begins to reach out. she reminds cozy each day how proud she is of her, how despite everything that's happened in the past she is still a good pony.

"you know, the hardest part is beginning to forgive yourself. even though everypony else had assured me i was forgiven its.. i felt as if i didn't deserve it. i still cant look at anyone i hurt without feeling guilty. cozy, you- no we, deserve to be happy. you dont have to keep hating yourself like this."

slowly, cozy let out a sob and cried into tempest's chest. it was going to be a long road of recovery, but no matter what, tempest would make sure cozy reached the end of it.

anyway request for adoptive mama cozy comforting her daughter lolz
safe1578221 artist:occultusion46 cozy glow5878 fizzlepop berrytwist8629 tempest shadow15429 pegasus240567 pony847888 unicorn267272 a better ending for cozy124 broken horn12804 clothes410049 cozybetes1085 cozylove65 crying40230 cute178024 duo49538 eye scar4469 female901552 filly59673 horn43275 mare416731 markings1017 open83 raised hoof39405 redesign1718 sad22750 scar10489 scarf21142 simple background346514 sitting55167 smiling215715 tempestbetes2495 transparent background179993 unshorn fetlocks22258 when she smiles937


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"You came closer to beating Twilight than I ever did, and you're barely half my age!"
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