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The Flim Flam Bros trick Hors (Midnight Premiere's OC) into buying [Hershey's sneakily not mentioned] pair of kisses. So question, is it a good deal in spite of the deception?


For the record, yes, I gave Flim a big bowtie with a small hat, and Flam a small bowtie with a big hat.
safe1573588 artist:chopsticks454 flam2017 flim2137 oc603905 oc:hors31 pegasus239045 unicorn265512 blushing175543 bowtie8574 cheek fluff4385 chest fluff32375 chocolate2938 cute177003 ear fluff23260 eyes closed80064 female897647 flim flam brothers1180 food60667 hat76479 hershey kisses12 hoof fluff1157 kiss on the cheek1488 kissing22422 looking at you143550 male304956 simple background344969 sketch58711 surprised8039


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