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I legit drew this years ago I think… probably 2018 or so. My, how times have change~ Anyway, heres my narcissistic superstar as a foal.

1: From a young age, Parfait wanted to be the center o attention, putting on shows of various types to keep ponies entertained. He liked to perform at his mothers parties and gain applause. It was the best thing ever.

2: Parfait begging his big brother for one of his cookies. He knows his brother can't eat sugar so he uses that to get extra. It very rarely works since Chocolate Cheesecake is wise to his baby brothers antics.

3: Parfait suffers from insomnia, hence his need to stimulation. His main desire, however, is to sleep without any drugs. The only time he's ever slept well was after being foalsat by Tranquil Spring, much to the older foals chagrin. After that, Tranquil became his favorite pony since his rants always put the little superstar to sleep. Parfait would later nickname Tranquil as Tranquilizer.

4: Despite his charm, there are a few ponies who don't fall for his tricks. Pumpkin Cake is one of those ponies. While her brother is easy to fool, she is very aware of how manipulative Parfait can be and will call him on his bull whenever she sees it. Its why she is the one who usually watches over the troublesome foal.

5: When Parfait first met Hazy, it was not a pretty sight. Parfait was legitimately amazed by how pretty the colt was and thought complementing him would make him happy. All he got was a punch to the muzzle and a bunch of mean things said to him. Hazy was later punished for it but generally still dislikes Parfait.

Note: Hazy hates being called pretty while Parfait basks in that kind of praise so there was really no way that friendship would bloom.

6: Lastly, I was considering a redesign on Parfait since I don't like him just beign a pinkie clone. That and I really wanted to give him a pompadour. Parfait is an attention seeker and would make himself noticable at a glance so obviously, he needs a pompadour.
safe1576150 artist:jolliapplegirl440 pumpkin cake2151 oc605354 oc:hazy sky34 oc:parfait54 oc:tranquil spring23 earth pony199270 pegasus239807 pony846206 unicorn266456 colt13329 dialogue60580 foal14902 male305725 next generation6125 offspring34460 parent:cheese sandwich1628 parent:pinkie pie3594 parent:quibble pants171 parent:rainbow dash5015 parent:twilight sparkle7332 parents:cheesepie1405 parents:quibbledash139 pompadour73


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