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Queen Twilight Sparkle and Queen Sunset Shimmer: adoptive mothers of Spike and Cozy Glow (in this AU Cozy is an orphan and they didn't turned her into a statue), biological mothers of ??? (i still don't know qvq)

Princess Rarity, lady Coco Pommel and lord Capper Dapperpaws: parents of Rum Laurel, Dolce Pinacolada, Dandy Lion, Charmer Glam, Donatella and ???

Princess Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar: mothers of Polaris (pool) Party, Blue Lagoon Lemonade, Seafoam Bliss, Jelly Fishbowl and Bubble Piñata

Princess Applejack and Lady Knight Fleur de Lis: mothers of Dame Rose (Pink Lady), Peach Gloss, Reinette, Wintergreen Pomme and ??? (may add more)

Princess Rainbow Dash and Lady Vapor Trail: mothers of ??? (i still don't know qvq)

Empress Cadence, Prince Shining Armor, Lord Sunburst and Princess Fluttershy: parents of ??? (i still don't know qvq)
safe1578088 artist:bunnari79 applejack159023 capper dapperpaws1446 coco pommel5484 fleur-de-lis3336 fluttershy198127 pinkie pie203503 princess cadance30489 princess skystar1788 rainbow dash219690 rarity169935 shining armor21789 sunburst5840 sunset shimmer57755 twilight sparkle283078 vapor trail905 abyssinian1118 alicorn195779 earth pony199960 hippogriff8334 pegasus240473 pony847749 unicorn267202 princessverse3 alicornified4548 alternate hairstyle24541 alternate universe9303 applecorn256 bedroom eyes51664 bisexual4969 blushing176212 capperity120 cococapper1 cococapperity1 crack shipping3515 ear piercing21712 earring18019 everyone is an alicorn155 eyes closed80423 eyeshadow13102 female901412 fleur-de-jack3 fluttercorn292 flutterdance8 freckles25480 gay25290 glasses55024 hug25518 jewelry51133 kiss on the cheek1491 kissing22478 lesbian92299 makeup17716 male306257 mane six29483 mane six alicorns57 mare416659 markings1016 marshmallow coco253 necklace15307 one eye closed25283 piercing34984 pinkiecorn444 polyamory6161 race swap12554 rainbowcorn338 raricorn668 regalia16365 shimmercorn619 shiningburst67 shiningburstdance15 shiningcadance2403 shipping184281 skypie161 stallion93011 straight121894 sundence16 sunsetsparkle4718 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115378 vapordash8 wall of tags2315 winghug2637 wink21646 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2247


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