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Thumbnail for a request for Nittany Discord

He wants his OC femboy Cold Front subjected to magic makeover into a blushing bride.

Thumbnail for the fifth pic of the series, which will be the wedding dress being slid on him.
suggestive128069 artist:supra80388 oc605099 oc:cold front497 anthro230451 pegasus239708 unguligrade anthro42968 anthro oc28294 black and white12109 clothes409182 crossdressing8661 dress39552 femboy7977 grayscale36244 leotard4145 lingerie9514 male305554 monochrome147929 sketch58836 socks56788 stockings28637 thigh highs28378 traditional art109305 underwear55238 wings76084


not provided yet


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