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Traced from A Horse Shoe-in episode as the base. Inspired from Gameloft's Limited Time Story.
Cutie Mark by cheezedoodle96

Free to use with credit.
Made with Inkscape

SVG file:
safe1572879 alternate version33758 artist:melisareb222 trixie61993 pony843837 unicorn265299 .svg available7436 absurd resolution63917 alternate hairstyle24381 bracelet7867 clothes408123 cute176761 diatrixes2781 female897045 gameloft4410 gameloft interpretation176 jewelry50687 looking at you143455 mare414476 necklace15192 show accurate10931 simple background344617 smiling214405 smiling at you1253 solo971295 transparent background179204 vector71139


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #28D9
None of these manestyles look that good on her. Still, great job in making the lines look good!
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