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Meet Feather Frame :3

She is a photographer and artist, and is the mother of my oc Elizabat Stormfeather :3
Feather is a keen photographer, who enjoys taking pictures of everyday life. Her job is a freelance photographer, who has helped send her pics to various newspapers and sites.

She is a kind and cheerful pony, but can also be a bit silly and clumsy (There was a reason she was always picked last in gym class :P). Her clumsiness is how she actually met her husband, Night Storm. She ended up causing a commotion at a market place tryin to find a good spot for one of her pics, and she ended up accidently wrecking the place :P
Luckily for her, Night was a forgiving pony and helped get her cleaned up.

She and her husband now reside in Canterlot, where Feather likes to spend her days drawing and doing hobby photography. She is a kind and supportive mother and husband (and grandmother), who is a joy to be around.
safe1575573 artist:n0kkun250 oc604979 oc only409719 oc:feather frame6 pony845778 unicorn266231 choker9254 ear piercing21641 earring17966 female899365 glasses54945 horn43317 horn ring5054 jewelry50927 leonine tail7313 mare415507 markings1008 multicolored hair4164 open mouth123135 piercing34889 purple background2409 reference sheet11038 ring2174 simple background345691 solo973096 unshorn fetlocks22188 wedding ring720


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