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safe1751086 artist:vanillaghosties385 cozy glow7729 pegasus309346 pony1011089 atg 2020920 bag5135 bonesaw73 chalkboard2928 chromatic aberration1532 cozybetes1237 cute205757 door4073 evil2972 female1402356 filly69656 hammer1769 high res32831 implied murder929 implied starlight glimmer447 mace230 mouth hold18077 newbie artist training grounds6500 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency480 pure unfiltered evil1757 saw339 solo1094729 spiked club20 this will end in death2537 this will end in tears3440 weapon31443


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Background Pony #095E
Now who let that filly get ahold of all those weapons? Poor kid will hurt herself!
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"Do what you must. I have already won."
"Starlight placed her soul in a phylactery before we even met, Cozy. You just inconvenienced her for a week. Also, you're going to double secret Tartarus."
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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“ShimSham my GlimGlams”
Mad Twilight didn't put you in charge when you got her and her friends to go to Tartarus?
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