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KevinSano’s take of >>16113.
safe1898364 artist:kevinsano3379 artist:skutchi137 twilight sparkle324495 pony1245971 unicorn410822 adorkable3873 bedroom eyes68782 bibliophile157 blushing227404 cargo ship563 checklist306 chico the checklist4 colored pupils11531 crack shipping3866 cute225384 dork4179 drool28593 eyes on the prize6036 female1535525 fetish46460 floppy ears61144 hug32192 looking at something3489 mare577439 open mouth183290 prehensile tail945 rubbing1275 scroll3704 shipping222398 simple background472005 sitting74215 smiling308845 solo1209861 tail hug284 that pony sure does love lists7 twilist6 unicorn twilight23558 white background120739


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@Tide Hunter  
Was mass tagging the sexes under images tagged “straight”. Someone tagged this straight so it got hit with that tag.  
If you see other images like that with the generic tags [pony, male, female, etc] done by me, go ahead and fix em.