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safe1751397 artist:cold-blooded-twilight2362 maud pie12739 earth pony266288 pony1011377 clothes476323 covering mouth310 cute205799 featured image908 female1402651 happy face52 hiding1471 lidded eyes31820 looking at you175812 maudabetes489 simple background409455 smiling261274 solo1094948 sweet dreams fuel1668 when she smiles1065


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This hits close to home. Maud is one of me favorite late series characters because she represents an extreme version of my own struggles. People frequently have trouble reading my facial expressions until they get to know me. There have been times I've been asked why I never smile while I was smiling.

It gets very frustrating at times.

I have literally done this in real life when a new coworker told me I should smile more. I will forever treasure the look on my coworkers' faces and the laughter when they saw my "smile" and realized I do in fact have a healthy sense of humor, I just don't express it as obviously as other people.

This actually corresponds with the other image. Maud Pie is trying to cheer up her sister. Maud Pie doesn't smile much already but seeing Pinkie Pie cry obviously makes it even harder. This is the best Maud Pie could think of doing.