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Commission for someone who wanted to recreate a scene from Season 1, from “A Dog and Pony Show”, where one of the Diamond Dogs slaps Rares’ butt to get her to work. In this case, it is re imagined in a more… consensual and mutually enjoyable light. There is another version, a bit rougher and less “enjoyable”, that you can find here.
suggestive170251 artist:gutovi496 rarity201273 rover1062 diamond dog3856 pony1296650 unicorn434312 algolagnia61 bedroom eyes71183 blushing234830 butt171219 cave3963 consensual339 female1579956 lip bite13518 male450916 mare604415 plot111320 rearity5837 reddened butt612 rovarity21 shipping227223 show accurate22935 show accurate porn8724 spank mark1335 spanking3065 straight157295


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Background Pony #E361
Admit it, who HASN’T thought Rarity needed a smack on the ass from time to time?
And RD.  
And Luna.  
and and and.