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Commission for someone who wanted to recreate a scene from Season 1, from “A Dog and Pony Show”, where one of the Diamond Dogs slaps Rares’ butt to get her to work. In this case, it is re imagined in a more… punishing light. There is another version, a bit more consensual and mutually enjoyable, that you can find here.
suggestive170218 alternate version66548 artist:gutovi496 rarity201228 rover1062 diamond dog3856 pony1296091 unicorn433999 abuse8758 butt171161 cave3963 crying49806 eyes closed118048 female1579647 makeup30035 male450747 mare604111 mascarity99 open mouth193159 plot111268 punishment1277 raribuse418 rearity5833 reddened butt612 running makeup2475 show accurate22933 show accurate porn8723 spank mark1334 spanking3065


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The other girls end up giving the Diamond Dogs a few gems for finally giving that brat Rarity what she deserves.
Background Pony #6352
Rarity was a bad girl. The Diamond Dogs won’t let her get away with it without consequences.