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"She's Mine"
safe1586174 artist:chopsticks473 starlight glimmer44573 sunburst5948 trixie62871 pony856419 unicorn273768 argument741 blushing177782 cape9236 cheek fluff4588 chest fluff32984 clothes414561 comic101397 cross-popping veins1389 dialogue59575 ear fluff24187 female1192822 floppy ears46535 forced kiss54 glasses55195 glowing horn17002 grayscale35225 hoof fluff1132 horn47564 kissing22553 lesbian90416 love triangle386 magic66544 male326173 monochrome142946 robe3211 shipper on deck1374 shipping184516 shipping denied848 straight122295 sunburst's robe326 surprise kiss749 teleportation580 text51973 trixburst72 vein bulge2378 yelling2822


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