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After having her courage bolstered by one, (or more) glass of wine, Rarity is ready to show off her beach-bod to a certain farm-titan.
Bonus AJ reaction image. <3
suggestive148586 artist:longinius841 rarity185942 unicorn343828 anthro270192 absolute cleavage3659 alcohol7492 beach babe721 beautisexy938 bikini19039 blushing205168 bracelet10082 breasts289454 busty rarity13433 cleavage35720 clothes477151 dialogue68203 female1405155 glass4822 hand on hip7570 hat90650 heart50186 implied applejack715 implied lesbian3576 implied rarijack451 implied shipping5207 jewel360 jewelry68693 legs together975 mare503781 monochrome152451 neo noir2280 offscreen character35835 partial color5440 pencil drawing8394 ribbon7271 simple background410392 solo1096860 solo female183972 speech bubble24479 sun hat1044 sweat27745 swimsuit29828 text62406 traditional art120516 white background102827 wine2639 wine glass1532


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