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After having her courage bolstered by one, (or more) glass of wine, Rarity is ready to show off her beach-bod to a certain farm-titan.
Bonus AJ reaction image. <3

suggestive185464 artist:longinius927 rarity212936 unicorn512708 anthro346097 g41930793 absolute cleavage5268 adorasexy12268 alcohol9758 beach babe822 beautisexy1722 bikini24685 blushing261728 bracelet14810 breasts376254 busty rarity17004 cleavage44884 clothes611795 cute257240 dialogue88967 female1739995 gem10344 glass6505 hand on hip12652 hat119595 heart71902 implied applejack1002 implied lesbian4588 implied rarijack547 implied shipping6856 jewelry106965 legs together2405 mare703482 monochrome171674 offscreen character49557 partial color6921 pencil drawing10804 ribbon8729 sexy43886 simple background569414 solo1382169 solo female225320 speech bubble36824 sun hat1413 sweat38512 swimsuit37877 text85497 traditional art139757 white background151914 wine3396 wine glass2217


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